Organic Essential oils . Eco & Vegan Friendly Cruelty Free . Ethical . Sustainable

We take pride in carefully hand crafting detailed and unique infusions based on organic and ethically sourced materials which form the basis of our candles.

Created in such a careful and thoughtful way with your well-being needs at the centre of each and every product we make, our candles are composed with quality, pure ingredients while adding a touch of luxury to your everyday living.

Our creamy eco and vegan friendly soy wax is clean burning and does not pollute the atmosphere of your home with toxic fumes as opposed to paraffin wax and due to the purity of our organic essential oil infusions, our candles can help guide your focus and improve clarity of thinking, energise and uplift, break through heavy moods, deter anxiety and pressure creating your very own oasis of calm, allowing you to sleep peacefully and induce good health and wellbeing.

All that is left for you to do now is enjoy the luxurious, indulgent, rejuvenating experience of Organdle which offer a portal to a world of health, wellness, peace and energy, all in the spark of a wick...

Do you know what is really in the products you buy?

Find out

‘‘ The nicest candles I've ever bought (and I am a candle snob!!) they burn evenly, smell divine but aren't overpowering. Seriously just order you won't regret it!! ’’


‘‘ Loving my Sleep Deep candle! Added this to my new sleep routine and it’s really helping me nod off ’’


‘‘ How did i not know about these candles until 2 days ago?! Arrived very quickly (within 2 days) and smell beautiful. You can tell that so much care and attention has gone into every single candle. Love this company! ’


‘‘ I have the inner peace and unwind candles which were suggested to me as I am currently pregnant. I like to burn them at the end of the day or when I am in the bath, they smell great and calm my mind when it goes into overdrive! ’’


‘‘ Received my order today, beautifully packaged and you could smell the amazing scents before even opening up the box. 
Pity it is a Christmas gift, but I will be ordering for myself in the New Year. ’’


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